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Christina Schmidhofer

Originally from Austria, Christina studied photography in her home town before moving to San Francisco. She worked alongside several acclaimed commercial photographers in the Bay Area perfecting her photography skills and developing her signature artistic flair.

The Christina Schmidhofer Photography Studio opened in 2000 with a focus primarily on interior spaces, followed by flowers and botanicals. Over the last several years, she has perfected a unique approach to exquisite food photography.

Christina’s modern, spacious and inviting Mission area studio is flooded with natural light, making it a unique spot for both photo and motion production. With a full spectrum of state of the art equipment, Christina’s clients benefit from technological innovation in both still life and motion. Her style has been described as

“simple, clean, airy, experimental and creative”– she has an innate ability to translate her clients’ vision into distinctive imagery across various media.

Small, homey touches and a wonderful sense of whimsy set Christina apart from many in her profession. The crew often starts the day with Christina’s memorable “Euro” continental breakfast accompanied by her renowned Viennese iced coffee. Well known for her high energy and exacting attention to detail, Christina’s passion for creating beauty permeates her entire portfolio.

Christina lives in the Bay Area with her Parisian husband and young daughter. She is an avid gardener and devoted foodie particularly passionate about baking. Spend a short time with Christina and experience how her energy and warmth is pervasive to all around her.